In today’s technologically savvy and globalized world, the Internet has become the most ideal medium to reach out to an international clientele. Whether your business is planning to expand beyond the local market, or looking at being more closely connected to your global customers, multilingual web pages send the clear message that you are an international player. Having localized web pages increases traffic to your site, attracts new customers and drives up revenues in your company.

Implementing a multilingual web portal requires a combination of technology expertise, flair for design and web technology as well as knowledge of localization.

With a potent mix of localization know-how and technological expertise, Verztec gives you a head start as you enter the global arena. We work exclusively with native, in-country linguists to ensure that your website reads like it was originally written in the target language.

Verztec has an experienced team of professional localization web engineers dedicated to the development of multilingual web portals.

The entire work-flow process, from design, construction, testing, implementation, localization, maintenance and hosting is based on the application of proven development methodologies. Our web engineering capabilities extend to web content management systems such as CMS (Content Management Systems) that allow companies to manage their web content easily.

As a value-added process, we will also insert meta keywords into your localized web pages to ensure they are website search engine optimization (SEO) ready and allow foreign language search engine to identify and list your website readily.

After web localization is completed, detailed validations are conducted to ensure that your multilingual website is fully functioning. This is an essential step to eliminate the presence of any bugs especially after the translated components, such as graphics and linguistic elements; client and server-side scripts are reintegrated into the website.

In summary, the approach as to how we handle web marketing translations, in terms of content strategy, style of writing and linguistic QA process, is very much different from technical content or even content for printed marketing collaterals.

The web content delivery has to be more elegant and captivating, from a selling perspective, to the targeted web audience - taking into account multilingual SEO meta keyword congruency rules.

With our complete and watertight quality assurance processes, you can be assured of a multilingual website that your target audience can identify with and functions without a hitch.


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