The use of videos is one of the most engaging ways to communicate with your target audience, business partners and clients. It commands attention, is impactful and has the capacity to leave an indelible impression.

As businesses expand into foreign territories, reaching out to multicultural employees and pleasing global sponsors become crucial. Your brand may be managed by franchisees overseas. Localizing your online training course content professionally helps to ensure that your company’s ideals are not eroded as your business grows and evolves.

Then, there is the pressing need to communicate effectively with your customers around the world. To do this, you need to speak their native languages. When you localize your content to suit a specific market, your commitment to customers becomes evident and they naturally become more receptive.

Verztec specializes in the localization of corporate videos, flash-driven marketing micro-sites, web videos and online tutorials into more than 100 foreign languages.



At Verztec, native, in-country linguists transcribe, time code and translate the contents of your video into the language of your target audience, paying particular attention to culture differences. Select your preferred voice talent from our extensive database of more than 12,000 sample recordings in over 100 languages.

A dedicated team of qualified Verztec localization engineers takes charge of the voice-over process, from the recording of the voice-over files in a professional studio to ensuring the flawless integration of the audio-visual elements into your videos.

Thereafter comes the most time-consuming yet essential part of audio production – post-production engineering. Breaths, pauses, hisses and other noises are cleaned up, the tone and timbre of a person’s voice can even be altered to make the recording sound crisp and clear.

With these stringent quality control processes in place, expect a voice-over that is a perfect complement for your videos.

Client: Subway

Project Subway   Project Subway   Project Subway
Original - English
Chinese Voice-over
Korean Voice-over

Client: Grayling

Project grayling      
English Voice-over      



Verztec only works with native speakers and up-to-date video editing software applications to incorporate culturally and linguistically accurate subtitles.

Our competent engineers conduct stringent quality assurance checks to ensure that the appropriate subtitles are added at the correct frames, boosting the overall professionalism of your video.


Deciding between Voice-over or Subtitling?

Cost should not be the only deciding factor. Although Subtitling may require less work and is comparatively lower in cost to produce, the medium on which your product is being distributed on also plays an important role.

For instance, subtitles in a web video that has a resolution of 720×480 pixels will appear more reader-friendly than that in a web video with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. In the latter case, opting for voice-over may be a more practical option. It has also been proven that videos with voice-overs are able to capture more attention from viewers as compared to subtitled videos.

You are poised to be a winner when you work with Verztec to localize your videos. Our comprehensive services enhance your selling points and elevate your video to beyond just an eye-catching presentation. Look forward to well-produced videos that add immense value to your organization.

Your business is now primed to reach greater heights. Inform, educate and communicate in any language, in any of your preferred markets.

Client: Hadeed

Project Hadeed   Project Hadeed   Project Hadeed
Original - English
Chinese Subtitles
Korean Subtitles

Client: ICSC

Project ICSC        
Chinese Subtitles

Client: IBM

Project IBM   Project IBM   Project IBM   Project IBM   Project IBM
Japanese Subtitles   Chinese Subtitles   German Subtitles   French Subtitles   Italian Subtitles

Client: IHG

Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG
Chinese Subtitles   Indonesian Subtitles   Korean Subtitles   Japanese Subtitles   Malay Subtitles


Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG
Hong Kong Subtitles   Tagalog Subtitles   Thai Subtitles   Taiwanese Subtitles   Vietnamese Subtitles


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