Translation Memory is an important data asset for companies that require long-term, high volume translation services as it brings considerable cost and time savings as well as heightens the consistency of quality deliverables.

Verztec’s Translation Memory technology archives and ensures future leverage of translated phrases and sentences that have been completed. Our Translation Memory management comprises of a 3-step approach: Capture, Store and Reuse, based on acute capture and understanding of the requirements, translation style and terminology preferences of our clients.

At Verztec, we utilize a proprietary secured platform – Verztec TMLibraryTM to manage Translation Memory data assets as well as other reference materials of our clients’ projects to achieve a high level of quality and consistency.

Verztec TMLibraryTM supports the storage and leverage of:

  • Translated materials
  • Translation Memory or translated terminology
  • Glossary
  • List of lexical items that do not require translation
  • Localized multimedia
  • Style sheets
  • Other client-provided reference documents


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