To tap on the huge non-English speaking markets, software needs to be localized to appeal linguistically and culturally to your target audience. The complete process of software localization requires adapting everything from graphics, user interface screen text, dialogue boxes, error messages, and audio files to software help files, which is a challenging and time-consuming task.

Verztec is committed to offering end-to-end, customized solutions for your software localization requirements. As a company with a strong software engineering capability and comprehensive linguistic resources, we effectively streamline and meticulously carry out the process of software localization, performing detailed and careful checks at each stage of the localization process.

We initiate testing procedures at the early stages, even before localization commences, and then during product development. At mature stages we conclude with a systematic analysis of translated text. Instead of just highlighting errors, we are able to notify you, with our expertise and experience, on corrections that will enhance the functionality of your product.

Our pre-emptive approach helps to meet your delivery deadlines and at the same time, create a product of superior quality which naturally draws the trust of satisfied and returning customers.

Our testing protocols cover:

  • text scrolling (left to right, right to left, top to bottom)
  • currency symbols
  • date and address formatting
  • case conversion
  • decimal-comma switching
  • support of 16-bit characters if more-complex alphabets, such as those used in Asian languages, are to be employed

After the translation process, tests are carried out to ensure that it meets the high benchmark on functionality and aesthetics.

For example, long and compounded words in a German translation are checked that they are displayed as accurately (without any form of distortion) and nicely as their shorter English-language versions.

The result is well-localized software that looks and feels like it was originally developed for its target market.


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