Consecutive (CI) and Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) have been used most commonly with large conferences, workshops and tradeshows for quite a while now. Professional Interpreters usually need to be on-site at the Event Venue to offer their services.

With an increasing number of Webinars, Virtual meetings and Virtual seminars today, Remote Interpretation (RI) for both Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation allows Professional Interpreters from around the world to easily connect to an online conferencing platform and to assist with language challenges of participants.

Some of the common RI today are performed on conference / virtual meeting software such as Zoom, Webex, Google Meet, Skype and GotoMeeting.

Webinars and Training Seminars

Ensuring proper knowledge retention and effective training typically requires a good comprehension of the presenter's language, especially if technical topics are being discussed. Incorporating RI into your Virtual Seminar is an excellent way to ensure correct understanding of the topic for the audience.

Internal Online Meetings and Customer Virtual Meetings

In removing language barriers, RI can greatly increase productivity and communication effectiveness at the workplace today, with regional team members being able to express themselves confidently in their own mother tongue.

RI can also help create a better image for your organization and build better relationships with customers. With the interpreters providing professional translation of the presenters’ messages in your Virtual Meeting, the meeting proceedings and discussions can be catered to the language most comfortable for your customers.


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