Digital Transcription

Verztec is proud to announce the availability of digital Transcription services. Verztec possesses the required bandwidth, the hardware, the software and expertise to churn out top quality results for our valued customers. Supported file formats include DSS (Olympus digital recorders), DVF (Sony digital recorders) MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3), QCP (Qualcomm PureVoice), RM (Real Media), SRI (VoiceIt), VOC, WAV, WMA (Windows Media), and WRF (WebEx).

Tape Transcription

Verztec takes your tapes and turns them into legible transcripts. We transcribe directly from standard audiocassettes and microcassettes. DAT Transcription has been discontinued due to lack of interest.

For recorded materials to be transcribed, it is important to use high-quality tapes in 60- to 90-minute loads. Cheaper and/or lower quality tapes are unlikely to withstand constant rewinding/fast-forwarding. If at all possible, do not use half-speed setting when recording with a cassette recorder. It causes bad quality recording and will incur further Transcription charges due to "difficult audibility". The same applies for the voice-activation feature.

We have successfully completed Transcription work in the following areas:

- Court Hearing
- News and Print Media
- Academic and Corporate Lectures
- Film and TV Production
- Corporate Seminars and Events

Please call us at +65 6577 4646 or email for more information on our services.



1. Schedule your job with us at or +65 6577 4646

2. Sort out administrative and billing procedures.

3. Back up your recorded materials.

4. Package your recorded materials carefully (boxes are safer than soft packs). Include any pertinent information regarding speakers and/or subject matter. The more information we have, the better your transcript will be. If you have your own preferred style sheet, please send along a copy.

5. Specify what document format you require (MS Word, HTML, RTF, plain text), and make sure that we have the correct email address for delivery. If you require a CD in addition to your emailed transcript, please let us know.

6. Send your tapes via USPS, FedEx, UPS, Airborne, DHL, or any delivery vehicle of your choice to:

Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd
10 Jalan Besar #16-02
Sim Lim Tower
Singapore 208787

IMPORTANT: Let us know when we can expect your tapes so that we can be sure to be here to receive them and also to avoid scheduling conflicts.

7. We will call or email you with any questions.

8. We will return your transcript after Quality Assurance Checks via email unless otherwise instructed.


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