Verztec provides Machine AI Translation with Post-Edit services to businesses around the world. We can support your business to achieve the perfect blend of speed, accuracy and affordability.

If you are not sure what Machine AI Translation Post-Edit services are, or how they differ from machine translation, our consultants can walk you through the process and the options available to you. Below, we explore these services in detail to help you consider which of them your business might need.


What is Verztec’s Machine AI Translation Post-Edit?

Our Machine AI Translation Post-Edit (MTPE) is a hybrid of automated translation, followed by human translator checks and edits. The machine undertakes the initial translation process, then a team of qualified human translators review and edit the resulting copy to enhance the translation quality.

If your company has a high volume of content to translate and a low budget for translation, our machine translation post-edit services may be an ideal solution to consider.

Although languages can be rather complex and there are many areas to check on, for this particular service, our team of human translators do their best to drive up the quality of Machine AI Translations by focusing on tone, flow, grammar, clarity, accuracy and local cultural relevance. They take the machine’s work and make it better through their skilled, nuanced translation expertise.


Why Should Your Business Use Machine AI Translation Post-Edit Services?

Verztec’s Machine AI Translation Post-Edit Services are the ideal way to translate large volume of documents quickly while keeping costs at affordable rates.

If your company needs to communicate large volume of content in multiple languages, using Machine AI Translation Post-Edit Services is a much better approach than just pure Machine Translation from publicly available Machine Translation sites.

You can achieve quality translations but at a much lower cost than if you opted for a full professional human translation service.

One key advantage to using Verztec’s Machine AI Translation Post-Edit services as opposed to just taking the machine translation output directly from Google Translate or ChatGPT or Amazon Translate or other AI Translation tools out there, is that our advanced Machine AI Translation leverages on specialized industry sector data sets and this provides more accurate results for you.

Next, our team of professional human translators will then carefully review and refine the output, and account for language context, terminologies and cultural sensitivities during the editing process. This means you can trust that your translations would not have serious mistakes, accuracy issues or offend local sensitivities when you use them.


How Can Our Machine AI Translation Post-Edit Services Help Your Business?

Our consultants will work in partnership with you to identify the services that you need based on your operational priorities. We can work with you to ensure that everything is handled in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner while also respecting requirements around confidentiality and data security.

If your company is new to Machine AI Translation Post-Edit, we can map out and explain how the process can benefit you. Every company is unique, so we do our best to shape our services to help you achieve the right balance of speed, cost and quality to meet your goals and objectives.

There are different options of Machine AI Translation Post-Edit that you may select from.

The 3 Options of Machine AI Translation Post-Edit services offered by Verztec are:

Basic Post-Edit:

This can help you understand the gist of a document, for internal purposes. Our translators will correct mistranslations and deal with any additions or omissions from the Machine AI Translation output but the team will not necessarily correct all typos or grammatical errors. It is a rapid and cost-effective process.


Standard Post-Edit:

If you plan to publish a document, our Standard Machine AI Translation Post-Edit service will ensure that it is accurately translated and of the highest quality. Our translation team will address spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, improve the tone and flow, ensure consistency, correct any mistakes, additions or omissions, address any stylistic or formatting errors and make appropriate cultural and ethnocentric adjustments.


Premium Post-Edit:

This option is the highest level of Verztec’s Machine AI Translation Post-Edit. The translation team we set up and assign to deliver your post-edit services will have at least 10 professional years of translation experience, all the required skills and domain expertise relevant to your particular needs. This ensures any specialist terminology or concepts are understood and dealt with appropriately during the translation process. The result? High quality specialist translations you can rely on, remarkably similar and not too far away in terms of quality, compared to Professional Human Translation Services.