The transformative process of internationalization is more than just translation. It means a thorough review of your product design to ensure that it will be perceived the way you intended it to in foreign markets and customs. Objectives of Internationalization include:

  • Structuring and streamlining software to save cost and minimize efforts on future revisions
  • Ensuring that all facets of your product function effectively for all target markets and languages
  • Reduction of global support budget
  • Speeding up process and time-to-market
  • Enhancing positive customer feedback

Verztec has ready tools and skills to assess and correct your product, determining whether it is ready globally. Using a mix of advanced methods, we detect inherent issues within your technology and assist in corrections, before initiating the Localization process.

Verztec analyzes several distinct elements:

  • Support for non-ASCII characters in foreign languages
  • Text handling for character directions
    (right-to-left, top-to-bottom)
  • Graphic content
  • Currency, decimal and delimiters in numbers
  • Date formatting
  • Color usage for local cultural values
  • Non-translatable elements

This Internationalization process will identify the readiness of your products and quicken the Localization steps. This also means a smoother and shorter journey to realizing your goals in marketing your product, enhancing customer satisfaction and minimizing efforts on future revisions.


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