With an expanding global economy, businesses are required to communicate with vendors, partners and clients in a variety of languages. Hiring and managing staff in today’s fast-changing global marketplace may also pose many HR challenges.

Due to our extensive global network of language experts, Verztec offers comprehensive executive search and multilingual staffing solutions that reduce budget, timelines and management headaches.

Verztec provides executive search and multilingual staffing services that businesses need to compete in today’s marketplace — from business interpretation, interpreting for medical providers to website and software localization, in-country QA testing as well as document translations.

We also provide short-term and on-demand executive search and multilingual staffing services up to and including entire language expert teams.  Our staffing services include a full range of solutions related to placing localization professionals and multilingual staff as employees and contractors:

  • Recruitment of full-time permanent multilingual employees
  • Staffing of temporary contract multilingual employees: Whether you need a single resource for a week or team of 10 for 6 months - we source, screen and present candidates to clients searching for contract employees.
  • Staffing services: We source, screen and present candidates to work on your specific assignment. Once confirmed, these staff members are placed on Verztec payroll. We manage all HR related issues while your team manages all project related work.
  • Training: We oversee the training of your contracted multilingual employees based on your unique company needs and processes.
  • Project management: We manage all day-to-day project activities, as well as administrative tasks, such as timesheets, invoices, schedules and financials.


Some of the possible multilingual staff placements include:

  • Localization engineers
  • Project managers
  • Internationalization engineers
  • Website QA testers
  • Software Engineering testers
  • Internet Search relevance testers
  • Interpreters to facilitate communications for medical and healthcare services
  • Native-speaking linguists to monitor social media network sites and blogs
  • Native-speaking linguists for market research surveys
  • Native-speaking telemarketers
  • Native-speaking linguists for technical support
  • Native-speaking linguists for customer relations
  • And more…


Find out how Verztec can help you achieve success globally. Email us at enquiry@verztec.com now.