As the world becomes increasingly inter-connected, the travel and hospitality industry is faced with the need to speak to burgeoning numbers of global communities, to offer services information in different languages – both in print and online. To effectively reach out to an audience that spans nationalities, cultures and languages, travel and hospitality services providers have to work with professional language services partners that possess a strong depth of industry specific experience, and with rich cultural understanding of the audience, in order to be communicate in the right voice and tone.

As an industry leader in the language services industry, Verztec has been helping major companies in the tourism and hospitality industry maximize the appeal of their marketing brochures and captivate visitors with their multilingual websites and newsletters. Verztec can help you to accomplish your multilingual communication objectives, fulfilling the expectations of your customers and projecting the ultimate service quality standards for your business.

Verztec’s capabilities extend to the various types of source documents:

  • eCommerce websites with booking/reservation functionality
  • Marketing and Advertising Brochures
  • Hotel Point-of-Sales / Signage
  • Interpretation
  • Training and Development delivered via CBT / LMS