Two-way communication between governments and its’ citizens is extremely important in ensuring progress for the nation. There is a need for the public to be aware of government policies and the like, while governments’ in turn need to be in tune with public sentiment.

At times, the data collected from the public may be presented in various different languages. Translation of this data could sometimes take a long time, mainly due to the sheer amount of the collected data and its inherent complexity. Similarly, governments need to disseminate relevant information to the public in an accurate and timely manner. In order to reach citizens of certain language groups, translation needs to be carried out efficiently.

At Verztec, we can help you do just that. With our team of translation and localization experts, rest assured that dialogue with citizen and global communities can be carried out with ease.

Verztec’s capabilities extend to the various types of source documents:

  • Public Surveys and Survey Results
  • Management and Development of Multilingual Communication Channels
  • Training Documents
  • Development and Localization of Online Training
  • Industry-Specific Compliance and Regulatory related Materials
  • Corporate Ethics Materials such as Code of Conduct handbooks, Ethics Training etc
  • Websites, Extranet and Intranet Sites
  • E-Government Procurement and Other Services Portals
  • Software and Systems
  • Marketing Materials (Brochures, Pamphlets, Newsletters)
  • Legal Documents
  • HR Materials