Welcome to Verztec’s website.
Mr Nicholas Goh, CEO

Thank you for taking time to browse through the information that our company has provided on our range of services, processes, corporate information and employment opportunities. I believe you will find the information valuable.

Verztec started in quite humble beginnings in the Year 2000 and since then has earned a valuable reputation as a leading global content consulting services corporation.

When I started the company in the Year 2000, then a small company of 3 persons dealing with web design and software development services, I did not envision that we would grow to where we are today. I did, however, have a passion for and vision of building a technology-driven professional services company, which serves as a platform for talented individuals that are empowered to strive and grow, and together as a team, deliver top quality work that exceed client expectations.

I am very happy to say that this spirit still lives in Verztec today. Every day, my team and I work hard together to support our clients. We may not be perfect individuals but we believe very strongly in having a positive attitude, going the extra mile and to constantly strive for improvements. When we make mistakes, we admit to them. We work hard to rectify matters, make sure we learn from the mistakes and devise a preventive strategy, so that they do not happen again in future.

At Verztec, we often find ourselves rolling up our sleeves and working collaboratively with our clients to deliver the best value possible. Our Vision is “To be a world-class global partner renowned for providing quality consulting and comprehensive solutions." Our reward is the confidence of our clients. Our evidence is repeat business from satisfied customers.

We are committed to our basic philosophy of how we do business and the core values we practice every day as part of the Verztec team. By upholding and living true to our core corporate values, we have thrived even in difficult economic times. Quality in who we are as people, what we produce in the form of results, and how we go about working with our clients is at the center of these values.

I strongly believe our success is the result of our culture and focus in delivering top quality work to our clients, our infrastructure and know-how we have built, step by step, over the years. While much of what we do is related to technologies or processes, ultimately we are in the people business. At Verztec, we hold two “people based” constituents in the highest esteem – our employees and our valued clients.

Working with Verztec means an assurance of accurate, on-time and within budget deliverables. Personal attention is given to all our client’s projects, from commencement to completion, using state-of-the-art technology to guarantee quality deliverables. With over 10,000 qualified, native translators located in more than 50 countries and stringent vendor management processes, our client’s messages are translated and localized to read as originals in any parts of the world.

I enjoy talking to our clients and understanding their requirements. In many occasions, I hear that they like dealing with Verztec due to several reasons, in particular – that our team is very customer-focused and also due to our size, which fits “just right" for them. We are large enough to meet their diverse and growing requirements, yet we are also small enough to really care for their business and their plans.

From my discussions with our clients, I also understand the challenges and market trends they see ahead for themselves and how best Verztec can help them. Most of the clients we have worked with in the first few years of the founding of our business are still our customers, and we take pride in the stability our clients can benefit from and the certainty that working with Verztec gives them.

We have a very clear mission - which is to work with companies like yours, to raise quality standards of your communications and to effectively increase market penetration for your products and services globally, through offering end-to-end scalable solutions. Companies that have put their faith in us have seen the competitiveness of their products and services grow quickly in the markets they have entered.

I hope you will enjoy exploring our website which has been designed to let you easily understand our service offerings as well as our company. I thank you once again for your interest.

Best Regards,

Nicholas Goh
Founder and Group CEO

Nicholas can be connected on LinkedIn