The people at Verztec are committed to have good relationships with our customers. This is achieved by the pivotal element of trust between our clients and us.

To form trusting relationships with our clients, Verztec constantly reinforces the importance of upholding transparency and integrity company-wide.

Understanding the importance of complete visibility, our clients are provided full transparency into the project procedures, timelines and goals.

A relationship built on trust also translates into putting our best in every Localization work and grappling issues together with you for successful Localization.

Integrity signifies that our clients are given the best information at every stage of the project. We are motivated to engage in a trusting relationship with our clients through these pledges:

  • Accurately scoping a project so that our customers are aware of the completion time, budget, and resources commitments which must be made
  • Disseminating experienced advice on how to best carry out Localization
  • Routine communication on new concerns or updates
  • Employment of the best specialists for your project
  • Meeting all delivery dates and requirements, regardless of the size of the project

It is effortless to make such commitments but few can deliver them or much less prove it as part of their project management systems. Here at Verztec, we make it a point to do so.