Accuracy and attention to detail – Fast turnaround time – Superior client service; having these inherent qualities makes a difference as a provider of language services to the Legal industry.

Knowledge is required to understand the legal concept and context from the source region and the ability to translate, transcribe or interpret this accurately for the target region with an in-depth understanding of their culture and its impact on the laws that govern their society and the way they conduct business.

Verztec offers support as an experienced partner. With over 60 commercial languages supported and a database of over 5,000 professional linguists, we employ qualified, skilled translators with an understanding of their law and cultures, ensuring our clients comply with statutory regulatory requirements.

We deliver Translation, Interpretation and Transcription services that are unambiguous, non-judgmental and unbiased.

Our project delivery teams ensure that your legal Translation, Transcription or Interpretation requirements are accurate, with due attention to detail. Our experience within our global teams include:


  • Contracts and Agreements

    • Lending contracts
    • Commercial contracts for various industries
    • Distribution contracts
    • License contracts
    • Share Purchase Agreements
    • Confidentiality agreements
    • Financial contracts
    • Insurance contracts
    • Articles of Association
    • Powers of attorney
    • Support services agreement
  • Patents

    • Copyrights
    • Trademark renewal certificates
    • Trademark registration certificates
    • Court actions and decisions
    • Patent examinations
  • Others

    • Audio files for court proceedings
    • Code of conduct employee handbook
    • Ethics and compliance training
    • Education certificates
    • Birth certificates

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