Our mission to provide high-quality, professional language services to our clients is second to none. To support this, our QA processes have been developed to produce the highest quality translations.



  • All translations undertaken by Verztec accredited translators are handed over to our Quality Assurance Teams.
  • Our QA teams have full access to a comprehensive reference library that is continuously updated. We maintain a reference library of more than 900 dictionaries and reference works in over 40 languages.
  • In addition, we have extensive academic materials for a wide range of specialist subjects, and collections of current periodicals in all major European and Asian languages.
  • All in-house translators and reviewers have broadband access to a number of international terminology databases.

Source Language Review, Native Speaker

The translations are reviewed by a native speaker (e.g. text translated from English to Korean would be reviewed by an English native speaker, conversant in both Korean and English).

  • The primary role of the reviewer is to ensure that the translation reflects the meaning of the original text, and that there are no omissions.
  • The reviewer checks the entire translation, sentence by sentence, with any queries or amendments discussed directly with the translator.

Second Review, Target Language Native Speaker

The second review follows. The reviewer, a native speaker of the target language, will check –

  • Style of writing
  • Punctuation and Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Use of glossaries and terminology

For multiple language projects, a sentence-by-sentence check is carried out across all languages.

Where typesetting or desktop publishing is involved, a further review of the localised artwork takes place before the artwork is signed-off for delivery to the client.


When all Quality Assurance checks are complete, one final review is undertaken by the project manager to ensure that all client instructions have been followed and the localised deliverables are complete and ready for delivery to the client.

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