Project Management is simply fundamental to everything we do at Verztec. We have standardised our project management processes to create a platform for project delivery, comprising the following steps –

1. Documenting the scope of the Project

  • A full source file analysis that will enable our project managers to develop the quotation
  • Working with you to understand your timings and delivery requirements and incorporating this into the project schedule

2. Selecting the Project Delivery Team. The project manager will work with our Vendor management teams to assign to your project –

  • Mother-tongue translators with industry-specific knowledge
  • Localisation Engineers
  • Proofreaders, Validators and Reviewers
  • Desktop Publishing teams
  • Quality Assurance teams

We support our project teams with accurate, efficient project management technology to streamline the process.

Using our proprietary project management tool – Verztec Xtranet – enables your project manager to communicate with the project delivery team through every stage of the delivery process ensuring that you receive timely communication from beginning to end.

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