VerztecLearning™, the Learning solutions arm of Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd, is a leader in custom blended learning and online training for soft skills, business skills and IT skills.



In recent years, an increasing number of companies around the world are turning from traditional classroom style training to educating their employees using online training. This change significantly reduces costs and time for travel.

Corporate online training has become even more possible now that most companies around the world are well-connected to the Internet. Companies that have benefited the most are those that have expanded their businesses to foreign markets and need to distribute training to employees in different parts of the world.

Ensuring that employees have the right knowledge and tools to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively is the key to a successful corporation.

When training a multicultural workforce, training courses localized in the relevant languages and cultures have proven to be highly effective. Leveraging from our experience and expertise in developing and localizing products for international markets, VerztecLearning™ can help you to design, develop, localize and maintain your corporate training programs, so that your targeted multicultural audience may reap maximum results.

In collaboration with some of the best industry experts, VerztecLearning™ has also developed a comprehensive library of on-demand Blended Learning courses to cater to the needs of today’s businesses, particularly in the areas of productivity, leadership, cultural training and personal development. The courses are available in over 60 foreign languages, and have received numerous positive feedback from some of the world’s leading corporations.

Our suite of Digital Learning services include:

  1. Custom E-Learning Development
  2. Localization of E-Learning Courses
  3. Custom Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Training Courses
  4. Off-The-Shelf (OTS) Blended-Learning Courses
  5. Instructor-led Training Courses and Workshops
  6. Learning Management System (LMS) and Program Administration