With the increased demand and usage of mobile devices today, we have seen the rising need for mobile app development and localization as more and more companies hop on the mobile wave and cater to the languages of the markets they are in.

Localized apps will help companies to increase marketing mileage, propel user downloads and obtain trusted credibility so as to effectively reach out to more potential customers around the world.

For more than a decade, Verztec has established a global network of professional and experienced translators, who are collectively capable of translating, localizing mobile apps into over 100 languages and to perform on-device app testing in their native languages.

Our Native, In-country translators have at least 8 years of professional translation experience and specialize in their respective subject matter fields such as IT, Finance, Healthcare, and Legal.

Verztec promises high quality localization of all your mobile app projects. Our In-house mobile applications technical team will take care of all technical concerns such as internationalization of mobile apps where we externalize user interface content into easily-localized file formats, integration of translated content into mobile apps, mobile app linguistic, cosmetic and functional QA checks.

Our on-device mobile app testing service ensures your translated contents fit perfectly to the app user interface and also taken into consideration of all possible linguistic, cosmetic and functional issues.

Some of the devices that we support include:

iPhone 4 7.1.1 (11D201)
LG G Pad 4.2.2
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 4.2.2
iPad 4 7.1.2 (11D257)
iPhone 4 7.0.3 (11B511)
Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.2


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