Verztec specialises in the Localisation of corporate videos, flash-driven marketing micro-sites, web videos and online tutorials into more than 100 commercial languages.


Multilingual Voice-overs

Our native, in-country mother-tongue translators and linguists provide accurate and timely Transcription, Translation and subtitling of your audio and video content in over 100 commercial languages.

If your audio or video recording is within a specialist field such as Medical and Pharmaceutical, HR, Corporate Training and Marketing, our mother-tongue translators and linguists will have an in-depth knowledge of the subject.

A Verztec accredited linguist will transcribe the media file in the source language; ensuring understanding of the original recording. The transcribed document will then be translated by a mother-tongue speaker of the target language, with regular referencing to the original recording.

This will ensure that the final Translation will read naturally to the target audience, as well as contain all the details of the original.

We can translate from all major audio and video file types into over 100 commercial languages.

Client: Subway

Project Subway   Project Subway   Project Subway
Original - English
Chinese Voice-over
Korean Voice-over

Client: Grayling

Project grayling      
English Voice-over      


Multilingual Subtitling

Subtitles should help the viewer to effortlessly understand the spoken words and follow the visual action. Achieving this requires accurate Transcription, Translation and condensation of the dialogue as well as appropriate timing of exposure. Quality subtitling follows the audiovisual rhythm of the film while taking into account readability.

We provide same-language and translated subtitles for DVD, broadcast, internet, computer games and other media platforms.

Our in-house language capabilities are in English, Japanese, Danish, German and Spanish. We are also able to provide other language combinations through our extensive network in the industry.


Voice-over or Subtitling; what to choose?

Whilst cost may be the deciding factor, the medium on which your video is being distributed should also be factored into the decision-making process.

For example, subtitles within a web video that has a resolution of 720×480 pixels will appear more reader-friendly than one with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. If you opt for the latter, voice-over may be a more practical option.

It has also been proven that videos with voice-overs are able to capture more attention from viewers as compared to subtitled videos.

Client: Hadeed

Project Hadeed   Project Hadeed   Project Hadeed
Original - English
Chinese Subtitles
Korean Subtitles

Client: ICSC

Project ICSC        
Chinese Subtitles

Client: IBM

Project IBM   Project IBM   Project IBM   Project IBM   Project IBM
Japanese Subtitles   Chinese Subtitles   German Subtitles   French Subtitles   Italian Subtitles

Client: IHG

Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG
Chinese Subtitles   Indonesian Subtitles   Korean Subtitles   Japanese Subtitles   Malay Subtitles


Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG   Project IHG
Hong Kong Subtitles   Tagalog Subtitles   Thai Subtitles   Taiwanese Subtitles   Vietnamese Subtitles


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