Language is the final frontier to global success. Yet, when creating multilingual documentation, many companies still rely heavily on an ad hoc process that is labour-intensive, often manual and usually decentralised. This approach to language and Localisation is slow, expensive and renders quality control difficult – if not impossible.

Localisation is a complex activity involving not simply Translation but the re-engineering and adaptation of products to meet local customs, cultures, laws, languages and business requirements.

Verztec has been supporting global companies in launching products into the world market for more than 9 years. We support companies who wish to expand into new markets, ensuring that their corporate brand, product support documentation, marketing messages, web sites and training programs are replicated in the right style, language and format to ensure success.

We work with our clients to develop an integrated Globalisation strategy, a plan to ‘go global faster’! From the Globalisation of your training programs to the world wide Localisation of your product launch deliverables - our solutions include leading linguistic technologies and the global launch ‘know-how’ of in-country mother-tongue translators, project managers and Localisation consultants.

Translation Process

Translation Process

Professional Document Translation Process

Note: The above process on Professional Document Translation was originally developed and performed with the highest level of quality by Verztec Consulting Pte Ltd since 2004.

Verztec's Localisation service includes an extensive set of strategic services:

  • Translation into over 60 commercial languages
  • Web Development, Localisation andTesting
  • Software Localisation and Testing
  • Quality Assurance in over 60 languages
  • Multilingual Terminology Management
  • Globalisation Consultancy


With Technology:

With the aid of the latest technology, professionals modify software, help systems, hardware and associated applications to ensure that they are legible and well-understood.


With Web Content:

Our global team of native linguists, in collaboration with our in-house team of web technology specialists, analyzes and carefully translates your website content so that they are readily accepted in the target markets.

As a value-add and to ensure that your localized websites rank well in Multilingual Search Engines of Yahoo and Google as well as popular country-specific Search Engines such as Baidu in China and Nifty in Japan among your competitors online, your translated site content as well as meta keywords are optimized in the localization process and made search engine optimization (SEO) ready.


With Audio Recording:

The addition of an audio clip to your visuals can greatly enhance the experience of understanding the product. Here at Verztec, experts can advise you on how to effectively apply audio on scripts and visual content.


With E-Learning:

Our implementation of localized e-learning requires thorough understanding of technical, cultural and vernacular matters.


With Life Sciences:

This area requires careful treading with regulations and safety measures. Verztec consultants are equipped with industry understanding for a successful implementation.


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