Verztec Transcription services involve our professional mother-tongue linguists listening to your audio recording, or watching your video or DVD and writing down (transcribing) the speech involved, in the same language that is being spoken.

The transcribed document will then be translated by a mother-tongue speaker of the target language, with regular referencing to the original recording. This will ensure that the final Translation will read naturally to the target audience, as well as contain all the details of the original.

Our comprehensive Transcription services cover –

Digital Transcription

Supported file formats include –

  • DSS (Olympus digital recorders)
  • DVF (Sony digital recorders)
  • MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3)
  • QCP (Qualcomm PureVoice)
  • RM (Real Media)
  • SRI (VoiceIt)
  • VOC, WAV
  • WMA (Windows Media), and WRF (WebEx)

Tape Transcription

Where recorded audio requires Transcription, we recommend the following –

  • The use of high-quality tape in 60- to 90-minute loads
  • Where possible, deter from using the half-speed setting when recording with a cassette recorder
  • Where possible, deter from using voice-activation features


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